Master the Art of Lacing Off-White Dunks Easily


Off-White Dunks have taken the sneaker industry by storm and are one of the most sought-after shoes on the market. The unique design and colors of Off-White Dunks are the reason why they have become extremely popular. But, the cherry on the top of the cake is how you lace them. Lacing Off-White Dunks can be challenging, but it is essential to do it correctly to preserve their unique look. In this blog post, we will guide you on how to lace Off-White Dunks like a pro and make it stand out from the rest of your sneaker collection.

The Loop Lacing Method

The Loop Lacing method is the most popular method to lace Off-White Dunks. This method is perfect for people who want a clean and simple look. The Loop Lacing method is achieved by lacing up the shoe’s bottom holes and knotting the lace at the center of the shoe’s tongue. Take one end of the lace, running it through the top hole of the shoe on the same side and repeat for the other lace. Take the remaining lace ends and insert them through the loop on the opposite side of the shoe. You will have a criss-cross look, and the knot should be covered by the tongue.

The Checkerboard Lacing Method

The Checkerboard Lacing Method is the most complex style of lacing Off-White Dunks, but it is also the most aesthetically pleasing. This method involves lacing the sneaker in a checkerboard pattern that elevates its overall look. Begin by lacing up the shoe’s bottom four holes in a cha-cha formation, then lace the next two holes to the center of the shoe’s tongue. Take the outer laces and cross them over and under the central laces, thus creating a checkerboard pattern. Continue this pattern until the end of the shoe, and then knot the laces at the top.

The Basic Cross Lacing Method

The Basic Cross Lacing Method is the simplest way to lace Off-White Dunks and is perfect for people looking for an effortless style. Cross the laces and then insert them into opposite eyelets, making a criss-cross. For the most basic look, stop lacing the shoe once you have reached the last eyelet. For a more complex look, repeat the process, lacing through the eyelets one or two additional times.

The Straight Bar Lacing Method

The Straight Bar Lacing Method is a classic style of lacing that gives Off-White Dunks a symmetrical look. Start by inserting one end of the lace through the first eyelet on the shoe’s inside. Take the other end of the lace and insert it through the same eyelet, but on the outside. Once both ends of laces are threaded through their corresponding holes, each side needs to be crossed and threaded through the opposite side’s eyelet, creating a straight bar. Finally, continue lacing up the shoe, making sure your laces remain straight.

The Hidden Knot Lacing Method

The Hidden Knot Method is perfect for those that want to avoid knotting their laces openly. The method involves lacing your Off-White Dunks the same as the basic cross-lacing method. Once you have reached the top, pull both middle laces down and tie them into a knot inside the shoe. Finally, tuck the loops back into the shoe.


Lacing your Off-White Dunks correctly is essential in preserving their uniqueness and standout style. Each lacing technique we’ve described lends a different look, from a classic symmetrical Straight Bar to a complex Checkerboard method. The type of lace method you pick will depend on your personal preference and style, but whichever method you choose, ensure it accentuates the best features of your Off-White Dunks. Happy lacing!

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